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Eating & Drinking Guide 2014/15

£5.95 + £2.45 p&p

21st Edition. Widely recognised as the most reliable, comprehensive and authoritative guide to eating out in more than 950+ restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars in Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond. 150 new entries. Hit Lists of top recommendations and maps to find your way round. New 22nd edition will be published late April 2015

The Larder - 2nd Edition

£7.99 + £2.45 p&p

The 2nd edition of The Larder, The List's guide to Scotland's food and drink. It reveals the rich and growing array of produce from farmland, hillside, coast and kitchen, and from the isles to the Borders. It includes Tom Kitchin on Perthshire berries, Jonathan Honeyman on cuts of lamb, Catherine Brown on Scotland's modern food culture and Kevin MacGillivray on cooking local fish.

"A turning point in the public's perception of Scottish food and a much needed celebration of our hard working producers." Mary Contini of Valvona and Crolla

Edinburgh Festival Guide 2014

£2.50 + £2.45 p&p

Find your way round the 2014 Edinburgh Festival with our 160-page preview with focused coverage of the Art, Book, Fringe, International, Jazz, Politics and Tattoo festivals and descriptions of the Mela, Just and Fringe by the Sea. The city guide section will keep you eating, drinking, dancing and shopping.

Scottish Festivals Guide 2015

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

Scotland is a festival nation. Throughout the year and across the country there are over 370 festivals from niche local events to Edinburgh in August. This 96 pp full colour guide provides listings by month and category. Published January 2015.

The Aberdeenshire Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

Second edition published December 2014.

The Aberdeenshire Larder - a guide to the food and drink of Aberdeenshire. From its North Sea harbours to the mountains tops of Cairngorms National Park, this guide provides information on Aberdeenshire's world-famous game and fishing, the producers making cheeses, preserves, beer and whisky throughout the region, and the shops and markets to find it in.

The Angus Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

Second edition published December 2014

The Angus Larder - the guide to the food and drink of Angus. Full of the stories of those who produce it, from farmers to fisherman, as well as the region's best produce and independent listings on where's best to buy and eat it. Whether you're looking for the best lady butcher in town, the hottest Forfar Bridie, or the longest established source of an Arbroath Smokie, this guide will help you discover it.

The Cairngorms Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

The Cairngorms Larder - a guide to the food and drink found within the Cairngorms National Park. Taking in venison from the deer that range across the hills, beef from Highland cattle, salmon and trout from mountain rivers and the beer and world-famous whisky from the area's age-old distilleries, this guide profiles the people behind the produce and provides information on where to source food across this unique area via shops, markets and direct from the producers themselves.

The Chocolate Larder Food Map

£0.00 + £1.00 p&p

The Guide to the Chocolatiers of Scotland. The first publication to provide a comprehensive round-up of the small-scale, artisan and specialist chocolate makers around Scotland with informative and practical listings for over 70 venues including shops, cafes and workshops. The map offers an attractive and handy trail of discovery to the range and diversity of good quality, locally connected chocolate now available in Scotland. Fold out A2 map with listings to 76 venues. Published May 2014.

The Fife Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

The Fife Larder - a guide to the food and drink of Fife. From shellfish to cereals and bakers, via game and wild foods then summer and autumn fruit before the cheeses, this guide provides information on where to source your food right across the Kingdom with shops, markets and direct from the producers.

The North Highland Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

The North Highland Larder - a guide to the food and drink of the North Highlands of Scotland. The area of the country taking in Skye and the mainland north of Inverness includes fertile farmland, deep water fish ports and tiny inlets that are the hunting ground for creel fisherman and scallop divers. This guide gathers the stories from the people in this unique area who produce the world-renowned meat, seafood, cheese, beer and whisky and also provides information on the shops and outlets from which to source it.

The Perthshire Larder

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

The Perthshire Larder - a guide to the food and drink of Perthshire. From the shores of Loch Leven to the uplands of the southern Highlands, Perthshire's food and drink history stretches from the days of the cattle drovers and the first whisky distilleries to ground-breaking innovations in crop research. This guide tells the stories of the people behind the region's finest produce and, just as importantly, where to get hold of it - from farm shops and Scotland's first modern farmers' market to local caf&eaccute;s and restaurants.

We Create

£0.00 + £2.45 p&p

We Create has been published, with the support of Creative Scotland, to celebrate the Year of Creative Scotland. Featuring a selection of well established names and emerging new artists it provides a showcase of work across Performance, Music, Art & Design, Writing, Film,TV & Radio, Games and Technology and Behind the Scenes.

Dundee | The City Guide

£4.99 + £2.45 p&p

Dundee is emerging as one of most vibrant cities in Scotland. This second edition, 120 page City Guide covers the history, attractions, culture, activities, shopping, eating and drinking, nightlife, accommodation and destinations in the surrounding area. It concludes with an events calendar, map and index. (Published April 2012).

Current issue

£0.00 + £1.50 p&p

The List magazine is Scotland's best loved events and entertainment publication and has been around for over 29 years. Purchase a copy now for only £1.50 postage to find out the latest information about what's on in Glasgow and Edinburgh over the coming period.

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